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Deaths in Lancaster Massachusetts
1843 to 1849


Source: Birth, Marriage and Death Register, Church Records & Epitaphs of Lancaster, Massachusetts 1643 to 1850 by Henry S. Nourse, A.M. 1890

Deaths In Lancaster, Mass., 1843 to 1849
Part 2


Lawrence, Daniel Mr., died June 5, 1841 aged 52 years.
Laughton, John Mr., died Sept 18, 1841 aged 21 years.
Larkin, Hannah Miss, died Sept 10, 1843 aged 79 years.
Laughton, Mary Ann Miss, died Aug 9, 1842, aged 21, consumption.
Millar, Nathaniel, died Nov 25, 1798 aged 31 years.
Millar, Samuel, son of Anna Millar, died March 3, 1799.
Mareschallee, Pierre, a french stranger, died May 25, 1804 at the house of Capt. Thomas Bennett.
Mallard, James Jr., son of James & Betsy Mallard, died Jan 11, 1810.
Mallard, Maryann, dau of Abraham & Sally Mallard, died April 17, 1808.
Mallard, James 2d son of James Mallard, died Aug 10, 1813.
Miller, Nancy, died November 1814.
Manning, Rebecca P., dau of Dr. Samuel Manning, died Oct 4, 1817.
Mansfield, Lydia, died at the house of Capt. Ephraim Carter, Jan 7, 1820.
McLellan, William, died Oct 19, 1822.
Maynard, John Capt., died January 21, 1823, a hero of the Revolution.
Munroe, Aaron, died Jan 19, 1825.
Miller, Joseph, died Feb 16, 1827.
Manning, Mercy, widow of the late John Manning, died Nov 7, 1827.
Moore, Harriet, a dau of Mr. Henry Moore and Achsah, his wife, died April 8, 1827.
Maynard, Ann, dau of Joseph Maynard & Anna, died Dec 28, 1829.
Maynard, Martha Mrs., relict of the late Capt. John Maynard, died Feb 19, 1831.
Maynard, Esther, dau of Joseph & Betsy Maynard, died March 1, 1813.
Miles, Catharine Miss, dau of Capt. Thomas Miles, died Jan 24, 1832.
Maynrd, Caroline, dau of Joseph Maynard & Anna, died Mar 30, 1831
Manly, Sarah, widow, died at the house of Mr. George Howard, Sept 11, 1833.
Morse, Joseph, died July 29, 1834.
Murry, Lucretia Miss, died Aug 30th 1836, aged 75 years.
Morse, Susan Mrs., wife of Joseph Morse, died May 20, 1837 aged 52 years & 2 mos.
Maynard, a dau of Joseph Maynard, Jr., died July 27, 1839 aged 2 yrs.
Marston, William A., died at the house of Rev. Dr. Thayer on Aug 4, 1839 aged 16 years.
Mathews, Ann Mrs., died Nov 3, 1840 aged 25 yrs.
Miles, Ruth Mrs., died Oct 11, 1841 aged 65 yrs.
Merriam, Dinah Mrs. of Fitchburg, died Nov 5, 1843 aged 77 years.
Mitchell, Ann Miss, died Jan 31, 1843 aged 15 yrs.
Nichols, Silence, widow, died at the house of Aaron Johnson, Nov 7, 1797, aged 72 years.
Newman, Edward Selfridge, son of Gowen B. Newman & Lucy his wife, died Oct 24, 1803.
Newman, Daniel, son of Gowen B. Newman & Lucy his wife, died Dec 20th, 1807 aged 3 yrs.
Nelson, George, son of Paul & Rhoda Nelson, died May 8, 1811.
Newman, Samuel, son of Gowen B. Newman & Lucy his wife, died March 17, 1813.
Newton, Samuel and young Mr. Felton of Marlboro were, on the evening of the 18th of April 1815, both drowned in Sandy Pond by the upsetting of a canoe.
Newhall, James, died Sept 6, 1820 aged 43 yrs, an eminent teacher of church music.
Nichols, Joseph, died March 8th 1826 aged 82 years.
Nowell, Elizabeth Arnold, dau of William & Elizabeth Nowell, died April 8, 1826.
Nowell, John William, son of William & Elizabeth Nowell, died Feb 9, 1832
Newman, Gowen B., died Dec 9th 1833 aged 65.
Newman, William, son of William Newman, died June 2 1843, killed by a limb from a tree, aged 5 years.
Newman, Lucy Mrs. Widow of the late G. B. Newman, died June 2, 1842 aged 71 yrs, dropsy.


Osgood, Joseph, deceased Sept 24, 1797 aged 77 years.
Osgood, Jonathan, deceased July 14, 1808 at the house of Haran Eager.
Osgood, Martha, relict of the late Moses Osgood, died March 17, 1810, aged 92 years.
Osgood, Joseph, son of Ephraim Osgood & Lucy Osgood, died Oct 31, 1804.
Osgood, Jerusha died at the house of Mr. Calvin Peabody Dec 12, 1813, aged 96 years
Osgood, Nahum, died at the house of Mr. Fales, Feb 18, 1815.
Osgood, Catharine Mrs. Relict of the late Mr. Joseph Osgood, died at the house of Mr. Ephraim Osgood, Feb 17th 1819 aged 92 years.
Osgood, Daniel Powers, son of Moses Osgood & Hannah his wife, died Nov 12, 1818.
Osgood, Katherine, dau of the late Mr. Joseph Osgood, died May 30, 1821.
Osgood, Joel, died Nov 8, 1821 aged 75 years.
Osgood, Martha Wyman, dau of Peter Osgood & Mary his wife, died Aug 31, 1832.
Osgood, Ephraim, died March 15, 1834.
Osgood, Mary, died at the Shakers, Dec 3, 1834 aged 87 years.
Osgood, Abigail E. Miss, died Oct 17, 1843, aged 17, consumption.
Phelps, Oliver, son of Jacob & Prudence Phelps, lost at sea the 20th of Jan. 1805.
Phelps, Anna, dau of Calvin & Asenath Phelps, died Sept. 7th, 1799.
Pratt, Mary, died Sept 21, 1807, aged 78.
Phelps, Mary Peirce, dau of Sylvester & Esther Phelps, died May 24, 1808.
Phelps, Lucy 2d, dau of Gardner & Lucy Phelps, died Oct 12, 1803.
Phelps, Louisa, dau of George & Sally Phelps, died March 26, 1809.
Phelps, Aaron, died Dec 21, 1810.
Prescott, John Capt., died Aug 18, 1811.
Phelps, Elizabeth Mrs., widow of Mr. Asahel Phelps, died Mar 5, 1812 aged 86.
Pollard, Clarissa, dau of Abner & Achsah Pollard, died April 5, 1812.
Peirce, Clarissa, dau of Joel Peirce, died Dec 18, 1812.
Phelps, David, died April 30, 1813.
Phelps, Joel, died May 27, 1813, aged 79 years.
Phelps, Dolly, died Nov. 18, 1813 aged 70 years.
Phelps, Prudence, widow of Joel Phelps, died June 3, 1813 aged 71 years.
Patten, Richard, died April 8th 1797 at the house of Edward Goodwin, aged 65 years.
Priest, John, died Sept 9, 1797 at the house of Abijah Phelps, aged 88 years.
Priest, Elizabeth, wife of Joseph Priest, died March 25th, 1798 at the house of Aaron Johnson, aged 84 years.
Priest, Joseph, died May 17, 1798 at Barrett's house aged 83 years.
Phelps, a son of Robert Phelps, died Aug 31, 1798 aged 3 weeks.
Phelps, a son of Calvin Phelps, died Sept 7, 1798, aged 1 year & 6 mos.
Phelps, Dolly Lovering, dau of Luke Phelps, died Aug 31, 1799.
Phelps, Lucy, dau of Gardner Phelps, died Dec 27, 1801, aged 7 years & 10 mos.
Phelps, Elisha, died Jan 21, 1802.
Phelps, William, deceased Feb. 22, 1802.
Phelps, Jacob Jr., died at sea on board the Constitution Frigate, April 6th, 1799.
Phelps, Achsah, relict of John Phelps, died Oct 15, 1802 AEtat 61.
Puffer, Abigail, wife of Nathan Puffer died Nov 23, 1802.
Phelps, Ruth, died Feb 6, 1803.
Pollard, Polly, dau of Abner Pollard & Achsah, his wife, died July 15, 1803 aged 12 yrs & 5 mos.
Pollard, Sally, dau of Abner Pollard & Achsah, his wife, died Aug 4, 1803 aged 1 yr & 4 mos.
Pollard, John, died May 10, 1814 aged 85 years.
Poor, Alice, died at the house of Dr. Israel Atherton on Aug 2, 1814.
Plummer, Thomas, son of Farnham Plummer & Nancy his wife, died Oct 2, 1814.
Pollard, Achsah, wife of Abner Pollard, died Jan 29, 1816.
Pollard, Edward Walker, son of Abner & Achsah Pollard, died Dec 7, 1815.


Pollard, Elizabeth, relict of the late John Pollard, died March 4, 1816 AEt 78.
Plummer, Charles, son of Farnham Plummer & Nancy Plummer, died May 25, 1818.
Putnam, Elizabeth Mrs., widow of the late Ebenezer Putnam, Esq., died at the house of Major Solomon Carter, Jan 18, 1820 aged 50 years.
Phelps, Asahel, son of Gardner Phelps, died Jan 18, 1820.
Phelps, George, died Aug 22, 1821.
Phelps, Levinia, dau of George Phelps, died at Waltham, Nov 15, 1822.
Peaslee, Moses, died May 18, 1823.
Phelps, Asenath Mrs., wife of Calvin Phelps, died May 2, 1824.
Phelps, Abiel, son of Peter Phelps, died 1825.
Phelps, Meriel, died Aug 15, 1819, dau of Ephraim & Dolly Phelps.
Phelps, Samuel, son of Ephraim & Dolly Phelps, died July 13, 1821.
Phelps, Jacob, died at Leominster, Aug 22, 1824.
Phelps, Henry, son of Sylvester Phelps, died Aug 8, 1826.
Prescott, Abigail, widow, died at the house of Capt. Daniel Goss, Oct 3, 1827, aged 59 years.
Phelps, Sewall, son of Robert & Mary Phelps, died Aug 31, 1798.
Phelps, Clarissa, dau of Thomas Phelps, died Dec 1, 1827.
Phelps, Abijah, died June 1829.
Pollard, Lucy, wife of Gardner Pollard, died Oct 17, 1829, aged 50 years.
Pollard, William, died June 16, 1830.
Poignand, David, died Aug 28, 1830 aged 72 years.
Peirce, Charles Henry, son of Harvey & Cynthia Peirce, died Feb 15, 1832.
Phelps, Mary, widow of Abijah Phelps, died March 26, 1831.
Plummer, Nancy Mrs., wife of Mr. Farnham Plummer, died Dec 27, 1831.
Poignand, Delicia A. Mrs., Relict of the late David Poignand, died Sept 30th 1833.
Prouty, Martha, of the family of Shakers, died March 16, 1833 aged 31 years, 7 mos.
and 20 days.
Phelps, Patterson Hezekiah, son of Sylvester Phelps, died Dec 18, 1833.
Parker, Edward Samuel, son of Capt. Joel & Czarina Parker, died at the house of Mr. Amos Wheeler, Dec 30, 1833 aged 10 years.
Phelps, Mary Ann, dau of Sylvester Phelps, died May 11, 1833.
Plant, Delicia Amiraux, dau of Samuel & Delicia Mary Plant, died Jan. 29, 1834.
Phelps, Robert, died June 9, 1834.
Pollard, Leonard, was killed by lightning, July 17, 1834.
Pitts, James, died Jan 13, 1835.
Pollard, John William Gamble, son of Leonard & Annis Pollard, died April 3, 1834.
Palmer, Mr., died Jan 5 or 6, 1836.
Plummer, John Chandler, son of Farnham & Abigail Plummer, died Nov 13, 1836.
Phelps, Joseph, son of Sylvester Phelps, died May 8th 1839 aged 33 years.
Phelps, Laura Mrs., died March 6, 1839 aged 35 years.
Pratt, Emily Mrs., wife of Eben Pratt, died July 10, 1839 aged 42 years.
Pierce, a son of Levi Pierce died Oct 2, aged 7 years.
Peirce, an infant of Mr. Levi Peirce, died May 3d aged one year.
Phelps, Beulah Mrs., died Nov 8, 1739 aged 86 years.
Plummer, Abigail Mrs., wife of Farnham Plummer died Feb 5, 1842 aged 42.
Phelps, Sarah Mrs., died Jan 25, 1842 aged 61 years.
Persons, George J., died Sept 11, 1841 aged 17 yrs.
Persons, Dolly Miss, died July 14th 1842, aged 21 yrs.
Pitts, Betsey Mrs., wife of Mr. Hiram W. Pitts, died May 12, 1843 aged 29 yrs.
Pitts, Lewis Hiram, child of Mr. Hiram W. Pitts, aged 5 mos, died Sept 7 1843.
Parker, Henry Mr., aged abt 50 years, died July 13, 1842.
Phelps, Relief Mrs., aged 83 yrs, died Jan 6, 1843, consumption.
Rugg, Isaac, died April 1, 1813 aged 66 yrs.
Rugg, Sophia, dau of Samuel & Sarah Rugg, died Oct 5, 1810.


Ross, Josiah, died Oct 22, 1814 at the house of Mr. Jonas Fairbank, whose death was occasioned by a fall from a tree.
Rugg, Martha, wife ______.
Rugg, Abijah, died Feb 2, 1816.
Rand, Harry, son of Nathaniel Rand, died Mar 11, 1816.
Rogers, Abigail Mrs., wife of Mr. Joseph Rogers, died Oct 23, 1817.
Robbins, John, died Dec 17th, 1820.
Rugg, Edward, son of Joseph Rugg, died Oct 13, 1822.
Rugg, Susan Whiting, dau of Luke Rugg & Silome, died June 5, 1825.
Rice, Mary Ann, died May 13, 1825.
Robbins, Lydia Mrs. widow of the late Mr. John Robbins, died Sept 2, 1826, 78 yrs.
Rand, Lucy Mrs. wife of Nathaniel Rand, died Nov 3d 1826.
Rider, Eleazar Mr. deceased at his house in Lancaster, Sept 17, 1796.
Rider, Anna Mrs., widow of Eleazar Rider, died March 20, 1797, aged 70 years.
Rugg, John, died Jan 11, 1799 aged 85 years.
Russell, Lucretia, dau of Caleb Russell, died Aug 18, 1803.
Rugg, Elisha Capt. died Jan 7th 1805.
Rugg, Lucy, dau of the late Capt. Elisha Rugg, died Aug 10, 1805
Rugg, Jane, died Sept 11, 1805 AEtat 93 years.
Robbins, Bathsheba, relict of the late Edward Robbins, died Oct 16, 1805. AEt 85.
Rugg, Zerviah, relict of the late Nathan Rugg, died April 8, 1807, aged 86 years.
Rugg, Lydia, Widow of the late John Rugg, died Nov 11, 1807 aged 91 years.
Robbins, John, died March 2, 1810.
Rugg, Elijah, died May 1, 1810.
Rugg, Aaron, died July 6, 1810.
Rugg, Augustus, son of Joseph & Mary Rugg, died Jan 3d 1812.
Rugg, Alpheus, son of Abijah & Susanna Rugg, died at Leominster April 21, 1812.
Richardson, widow, died at the house of Thomas Ballard, August 1812.
Richardson, Charlotte Miss, dau of the 2nd wife of Mr. Paul Faulkner, died Nov 13, 1827.
Rugg, Submit, dau of James & Submit Rugg, died March 4, 1826.
Rugg, Daniel, son of James & Submit Rugg, died March 16, 1828.
Rugg, Elizabeth, dau of James & Submit Rugg, died Oct 27, 1828.
Rugg, Daniel Capt. died April 10, 1830 aged 87 years.
Rice, Harriet Maria, dau of Josiah Rice, died July 21, 1830.
Rice, Mary Ann, a dau of Nathaniel Rice, died Feb 16, 1831.
Rugg, Submit, wife of James Rugg, died Sept 1, 1830.
Richardson, Susan Nurse, dau of Samuel Richardson, died Dec 9, 1831.
Rugg, Susanna, relict of the late Abijah Rugg, died Jan 11, 1832.
Rugg, Bathsheba, wife of Joel Rugg, died Nov 13, 1832.
Rugg, Elizabeth, relict of the late Capt. Daniel Rugg, died April 8, 1834 aged 88 yrs.
Richardson, Abel, a Revolutionary Pensioner, died July 17, 1834.
Rugg, Stephen, son of the late Daniel Rugg, Sr., died Dec 23, 1834 aged 77 yrs, 10 mos and 11 days.
Rugg, Martin, son of Abel W. Rugg and Hannah Rugg, died Sept 4, 1819.
Rugg, Susan W., dau of Luke Rugg and Silome his wife, died June 5, 1825.
Rugg, John, son of John & Eliza Rugg, died July 28, 1832
Rugg, Prudence, died March 15, 1838 at Peter Osgood's.
Rand, Nancy Mrs., wife of Nathaniel Rand, Esq., died March 29th 1838.
Rugg, Mary Miss, dau of Joel & Bathsheba Rugg, died Aug 2, 1838 aged 24 yrs.
Richardson, Abel, died Aug 25, 1839 aged 56 years.
Rice, Anna Mrs., wife of Mr Nathaniel Rice, died Sept 30, 1842 aged 37 years.
Rugg, Katharine Mrs., widow of Mr. Abel Rugg, died Nov 2, 1843 aged 84. Old age.
Rugg, Mr. Abel, died Feb 14, 1842, aged 92 yrs., old age.


Sawyer, a child of America Sawyer died Oct 18, 1840.
Sawyer, Nancy Mrs. wife of Mr. Amos Sawyer, died Dec 29, 1840, aged 63 years.
Stone, an infant child of Mr. James Stone, died Feb 17, 1841.
Sawyer, Amos Mr., died Aug 23, 1843 aged 85 years.
Sawyer, Louisa Miss, dau of Mr. Elias Sawyer, died Jan 14, 1844 aged 16, consumption.
Sawyer, Abby Miss, dau of Mr. Elias Sawyer, died Oct 3, 1842, consumption.
Stone, an infant dau of Mr. James Stone, died Oct 11, 1842.
Sanderson, Elisha Mr., died March 14, 1843 aged 81 years. Old age.
Solindine, Isaac, died Sept 16, 1806.
Solindine, John, died Feb 25, 1807.
Stedman, Mary Ann, died July 31, 1807 aged 12 years & 9 mos.
Sargent, Richard, died Oct 14, 1807.
Solindine, Susanna, relict of John Solindine, died at the house of her son-in-law, Calvin Wilder, March 4, 1808.
Stephenson, Thomas, son of Martin Stephenson, died Sept 1808.
Stedman, Christopher Ellery, son of William Stedman & Almy Stedman, was lost at sea, the 9th of August 1809, on a voyage to Calcutta in the East Indies, in the 18th year of his age.
Stedman, William, son of William Stedman & Almy his wife, died April 16th, 1810.
Sawyer, Charlotte, a dau of Paul Sawyer, deceased Nov 6th 1810.
Stearns, Timothy, died March 22, 1811.
Stearns, Augustus, son of Eli and Mary Stearns, died Sept 27th, 1811.
Smith, Abigail, wife of Moses Smith, died Jan 26, 1812, aged 70 years, 3 mos & 3 days.
Smith, Moses, died Feb 3, 1812, aged 72 years.
Smith, Charles Henry, son of Moses Smith & Salla Smith, died April 3, 1812.
Sawyer, Abigail, relict of Josiah Sawyer, died Nov 13, 1812 aged ninety one years.
Safford, Catharine, dau of Thomas Safford, died July 4th 1798 aged 15 mos.
Sawyer, a son of Amos Sawyer, Jr., died Oct 29, 1798.
Sawyer, Elizabeth, wife of Thomas Sawyer, deceased Feb 14, 1799
Sargeant, Hannah, wife of John Sargeant died Aug 26, 1799
Sprague, Honorable John, deceased Sept 28th 1800, AEtat. 61 yrs.
Sargeant, Aaron, deceased Feb 5th 1801.
Sawyer, Josiah, deceased Mar 19th 1801 AEtat. 81 yrs.
Sawyer, Deborah, deceased Mar 2, 1802.
Sargent, John, deceased Dec 21, 1802.
Sawyer, Lois, widow, died June 8, 1803.
Sanderson, Samuel, deceased July 24, 1803.
Sprague, Mary, relict of the Hon. John Sprague, dec'd Sept 22d 1803.
Sargent, Stephen, son of Stephen Sargent, died Oct 29th 1804.
Sprague, Samuel John, deceased Sept 10th, 1805 AEtat 25 yrs.
Sawyer, Joseph, son of Moses Sawyer, Sr., died Oct 2nd 1805 AEtat 25 yrs.
Sawyer, Moses, died the 3d of Oct 1805, AEtat 72 yrs.
Sweetzer, William, died at sea, Oct 4th 1805 aged 21 years.
Shearer, Patience, died at the house of Dr. James Carter, Sunday May 22, 1814.
Sawyer, Cynthia, dau of Luther Sawyer & Zilpah, his wife, died the 1st day of April A.D. 1815 aged 15 years.
Stevens, Pardon, died at the house of Dr. James Carter July 1, 1816.
Simmons, Micah, died Jan 30th 1817 aged 83 years.
Simmons, Nabby Mrs., relict of the late Mr. Micah Simmons, died June 23, 1817.
Safford, Elizabeth Mrs., wife of Mr. Thomas Safford, died March 11, 1818.
Stone, Anna Mrs., wife of Jacob Stone, died April 12, 1818.
Stearns, Daniel died June 30, 1818.
Stone, Betsy, dau of Jacob Stone & Anna his wife, died Sept 30, 1813.
Sawyer, Amos Sr., died June 13, 1821, aged 68 yrs.
Sargent, John, died April 1822.
Sawyer, Prudence Mrs., wife of Amos Sawyer 2nd, died Oct 11, 1822.
Sawyer, Major Eben, died Oct 23, 1822 aged 25 yrs.


Sweetzer, Jacob, died Jan 23, 1823 AEt 77 yrs.
Sawyer, Luther, died Sept 2, 1824.
Sargent, Susan Miss, died at the house of Mr. Jonathan Buttrick, Sept 4, 1824.
Sawyer, Capt Ezra, son of Moses & Betty Sawyer, died Jan 18, 1825 aged 40 yrs.
Stearns, Eli, died Mar 7th 1825 aged 67.
Safford, Thomas, died June 20, 1825.
Solindine, John Jr., died Nov 4, 1825.
Solindine, Julia Ann, dau of Manassah & Deborah Solindine, died Sept 1825
Sawyer, James, son of Thomas Sawyer, died at the house of his uncle, Amos Sawyer, Jan 8, 1827.
Sawyer, Sarah Elizabeth, dau of Charles Sawyer, died April 22, 1827 age 3 yrs., 7 mos. 29 d.
Stevenson, Lydia, dau of Martin Stevenson, died Aug 5, 1827.
Solindine, Deborah, wife of Manassah Solindine, died Nov 8, 1827.
Stearns, Mary, widow of the late Eli Stearns, died May 24, 1828.
Sawyer, Thomas, died March 18, 1829 aged 64.
Sawyer, Franklin, son of Henry Sawyer, died July 2, 1829.
Sawyer, Lucy Ann, dau of Silas & Sarah Sawyer, died Oct 28, 1829.
Stone, Jacob Jr., son of Jacob Stone, died Oct 9, 1830 aged 27 yrs.
Seaver, Cyrus son of Joseph Seaver, died Oct 9, 1830.
Sargeant, Seth, died Nov 28, 1839 aged 78 years.
Safford, Polly, wife of George Safford, died Feb 19, 1831.
Sawyer, Moses, died March 12 in the 67th year of his age. 1831.
Sawyer, Charles Francis, son of Charles & Eliza Sawyer, died May 12, 1831.
Sawyer, Peter, died June 2, 1831.
Sawyer, Martha, dau of Charles & Eliza Sawyer, died Nov 28, 1831.
Sawyer, Elmirick, son of the late Peter Sawyer, died Jan 16, 1832.
Studley, Consider, a Revolutionary Pensioner, died Dec 28, 1832.
Sawyer, Sarah Elizabeth, dau of Charles & Eliza Sawyer, died Sept 16, 1832.
Sawyer, Ezra, son of the late Peter Sawyer, died Aug 27, 1833, aged 19 yrs.
Shepard, Thomas W., son of Thomas W. Shepard, died aged 26 mos. on Feb 26, 1834.
Stearns, Deborah, relict of the late Mr. Daniel Stearns, died Oct 10, 1834.
Severy, John, a Revolutionary Pensioner, died at the house of Winsor Barnard on Sept 10, 1834, aged 82 years.
Smith, Widow, died Nov 26, 1834 at the house of Samuel Jewett.
Sawyer, Evelina, dau of the late Peter Sawyer, died at the house of Capt. Asahel Harris, June 23, 1835 aged 26 years.
Smith, Moses Esq., died June 26, 1835 aged 58 yrs.
Stone, Tamber, dau of Jacob & Anne Stone, died May 19, 1836 aged 20 yrs, 4 mos & 18 days.
Stone, Abel, son of Jacob & Anne Stone, died at Woonsocket Falls, R.I. aged 30 years, June 11, 1836.
Sweetzer, Margaret Mrs., widow of the late Mr. Jacob Sweetzer, died July 9, 1838 aged 85 years.
Sawyer, Ruth, died Aug 16, 1838 aged 93 years.
Stone, Sarah Louisa, died March 6, 1838, dau of James & Eliza Stone, aged two days.
Sawyer, Henry Oliver, son of America & Lucy H. Sawyer, died March 24, 1835.
Spaulding, Nelson, died Oct 16, 1838 aged 14 yrs.
Sawyer, a son of Emeline, died March 10th 1840 aged 7 mos.
Stephenson, Mr. Martin, died 1839 Sampson, Jr., died 1839.
Sweetzer, Margaret Miss, died Mar 6, 1840 aged 53 years.
Thompson, William Graves, son of Mr. Benjamin Thompson & his wife, died Sept 26, 1805.
Thompson, Caroline, dau of Benjamin Thompson and Elizabeth his wife, died Dec 13, 1811.
Thurston, Sally, dau of Silas Thurston, died Sept 21, 1812.


Thurston, Peter, died Dec 22, 1812 aged 73 yrs.
Townshend, Richard, died at the house of his son, Robert Townshend, Nov 28, 1814.
Townshend, John, died Sunday morning July 2, 1815.
Thurston, Gates, died Feb 12, 1816 aged 51 yrs.
Thompson, Abigail, dau of the late Mr. Benjamin Thompson, died at the house of David Poignand, April 18, 1820.
Tower, Milecent, wife of Capt Asahel Tower, died Sept 20, 1820 AE 60 yrs.
Thurston, Polly, wife of Capt John Thurston, died Sept 6, 1821.
Townshend, Betsy died Dec 23, 1821.
Townshend, Henry, son of Robert Townshend, died in Boston, Nov 21, 1822.
Thomas, Nancy Mrs. died June 19, 1799 at the house of Henry Haskell.
Tenny, dau of Jonathan Tenny died Sept. 15, 1800
Thurston, Rececca, wife of John Thurston, deceased May 9th 1801.
Tenny, Rebecca, died Aug 16, 1802 aged 81 yrs.
Tooker, William, died Nov 17, 1802.
Thurston, Abel Atherton son of Gates & Betsy Thurston, died April 17th 1803.
Tyler, William, of Boston, died at the house of Mr. Jeremiah Ballard, Saturday night, the 9th of March 1805.
Thurston, Sally, wife of Silas Thurston, died Mar 12th 1805.
Thompson, William Graves, son of Benjamin & Elizabeth Thompson, died Sept. 25th 1805.
Thurston, Samuel, died March 26th, 1806.
Taft, Mary, died Feb 10th 1808 aged 73 yrs.
Thurston, Michel, wife of Silas Thurston, died April 24th 1808.
Thomas, Mary, wife of Joshua Thomas, died May 27th 1808 aged 68 years.
Thurston, Priscilla, relict of the late Mr. Samuel Thurston, died Nov the 8th 1811 aged 83.
Thurston, an infant of Silas Thurston Jr., died Mar 21, 1823.
Thomas, Mrs., wife of Joshua Thomas died Nov 22, 1823, 2nd wife, aged 72.
Thurston, Peter, died Dec 9th 1824 AE 56 yrs.
Tidd, Joel, died at the house of his brother, July 20, 1825 aged 40 yrs.
Townshend, widow of John Townshend, died Dec 14, 1825.
Townshend, Elvira, dau of the late John & Ruth Townshend deceased, died Jan 7, 1826.
Tindy Cuff, a blackman, a Revolutionary Pensioner, died Jan 7, 1826.
Townshend, Elizabeth, wife of Robert Townshend, died July 11, 1826.
Townshend, Robert, died Sept 2, 1826.
Thurston, Lucy, wife of John Thurston, died July 2nd, 1827.
Todd, Sarah Mrs., widow of the late Mr. John Todd died at the house of Mr. Robert Phelps, July 4, 1829.
Thurston, Thomas, son of Capt. John Thurston, died Dec 14, 1830.
Thurston, Lucy Miss, dau of Capt John Thurston, died Jan 17th 1831.
Thomas, Joshua, died Feb 4, 1831 aged 86 yrs.
Thurston, Dorothy, relict of the late Peter Thurston, Sr., died at the house of Samuel W. Flagg on Feb 16, 1831, aged 92 years, 5 mos & 10 days.
Thayer, Sally Toppan Miss, dau of the Rev. Dr. Nathaniel Thayer, died Dec 20, 1831.
Thurston, Sally, relict of the late Peter Thurston Jr., died Jan 20, 1832 aged 55 yrs.
Thomas, Rebecca, relict of the late Mr. Joshua Thomas, died Feb 1832.
Thurston, Charles, son of Capt John Thurston, died Nov 4, 1832.
Thurston, Josephine, dau of John G. Thurston and Harriet Thurston, died Oct 15, 1832.
Tower, Capt. Asahel, died Aug 3, 1833, aged 73 years.
Thayer, Abigail, Miss, dau of Rev. Dr. Thayer, died Dec 11, 1834 aged 22 yrs.
Townshend, Almira Mrs. wife of Warren Townshend, died Feb 12, 1835.
Toppan, Elizabeth G. Miss, died at the house of Rev. Dr. Thayer, March 17, 1835.


Tyler, Eliza H. Mrs., wife of Benjamin Tyler, died May 15, 1835.
Thurston, Mary Ann, dau of John Thurston, Jr., died Nov 27, 1835 aged 18 yrs.
Thurston, Capt. John, a Revolutionary Pensioner, died Nov 9th, 1838, aged 84 yrs.
Tyler, Mary Mrs., wife of Benjamin Tyler, died Mar 19, 1839 aged 36 years.
Thayer, Rev. Nathaniel, D.D., minister of the Church & Society in this Town for more than forty seven years; died after a sudden illness of three hours, at Rochester, in the state of New York, while journeying for pleasure & improvement of his health, to the falls at Niagara. His labors during the long period of his ministry in this place were devoted to the good of the people of his charge; and his death was sensibly felt and deeply lamented. He died June 23 1840, aged 71 years.
Thurston, Silas Mr., died March 23d 1840 aged 81 years.
Thurston, Russell Gates, son of Wilder S. & Ann M. Thurston, died April 17th 1841 aged 1 yr.
Townshend, Martha Miss, dau of Mr. William Townshend, died Dec 14, 1842 aged 21, consumption
Tidd, Elizabeth Mrs., died Jan 14, 1844, aged 88 yrs. Influenza
Thurston, Henry Mr., died Sept 30th 1842 aged 50. Paralysis
Turner, Lauriana S., dau of S. H. Turner, died June 19, 1842 aged 3 yrs.
Upton, Phebe, wife of Joseph Upton, died June 11, 1812.
Vincent, John Sullivan, a negro, died the 23d of March 1813, servant of Capt. B. Lee.
Vose, Ann Mrs., wife of Peter T. Vose, and dau of the late Honorable John Sprague, died Sept 10, 1834, aged 58 yrs.
Vose, Francis Henry son of Peter T. Vose, died 1840.
Willard, Stedman son of William Willard, died Aug 27th 1803.
Wilder, Mary Joslyn, dau of Samuel Wilder, 2nd, died July 25, 1804.
Whetcomb, Maria, dau of Josiah & Dolly Whetcomb, died Oct 10th 1804.
Wyman, Submit, died Nov 25th 1804, aged 73 yrs.
White, Patience, relict of the late Deacon Joseph White, died Dec 30, 1804 aged 80 yrs.
Willson, Roxa, died at the house of Dr. James Carter, Jan 15th 1804.
Whiting, Sarah, relict of the late Timothy Whiting, died May 24th 1805, aged 67 yrs.
White, Levi, son of Ephraim & Betsy White, died at sea in the Mediterranean Service (no date is given)
Wyman, Patty (Martha Joslyn), wife of Capt Benjamin Wyman, died May 4, 1806 aged 40 yrs.
White, Joseph Deacon, died June 30th A.D. 1806 aged 56 yrs.
Warner, Samuel, died at the house of Ebenezer Warner, Sept 6th, 1807.
Willard, Mary, relict of the late Col. Abijah Willard, died Dec 15, 1807 aged 79 yrs.
Wilder, Frederick, son of Aaron Wilder and Hannah his wife, died May 12th, 1806.
Whittemore, Asa Dunbar, son of Nathaniel Whittemore, died Feb 22, 1808, aged 19 yrs.[his epitaphs says Feb 21 AE 23 yrs & 6 mos]
Willard, Martha, wife of Paul Willard, died May 22nd 1808.
Whittemore, Sarah, wife of Nathaniel Whittemore, deceased March 17th, 1809.
Wilder, Gardner, deceased Nov 25th, 1809.
White, Capt. John, died Feb 21, 1797 aged 83 years.
Whittemore, Lydia, wife of Nathaniel Whittemore, died June 2nd 1797.
Whiting, Abigail, wife of Timothy Whiting, Jr., died Oct 1, 1798.
Whiting, Joseph, son of Timothy Whiting Jr., & Abigail his late wife, died Mar 19, 1799.
Whiting, Polly, dau of Timothy Whiting Jr., & Abigail his late wife, died April 7, 1799.
Whiting, Timothy, died July 12th 1799.
Willard, Betsy, dau of Simon Willard, died April 19, 1799.
Woods, Jotham, died Dec 9, 1799.
Wilder, Eunice, wife of Moses Wilder, died July 31, 1800.


Ward, Samuel, Jr. son of Samuel & Dolly Ward, died Nov 29, 1800 AE 31 yrs.
White, Prudence, wife of Capt Nath White, died Feb 2nd, 1802.
Wheelock, Martha, died May 12, 1802, AEtatis 94 yrs.
Whitney, Jonathan, died Nov 20th 1820, 66 yrs.
White, Sophia, wife of Jno White, Jr., died AE 32 yrs. April 12th 1803.
Willard, Peter, son of Amasa & Fanny Willard died August 20th ___?
Wilder, John, Died Oct 4th 1803, son of the late Deacon D. Wilder.
Willard, Mary, died Oct 4, 1803.
Willard, Sarah, wife of William Willard, died June 2d, 1803.
Wilder, Betsy, wife of Samuel Wilder 2d, died May 22nd 1810 AE 38 yrs, 1 mo., 18 days.
Wilder, Malinda, dau of Samuel Wilder 2d, and Betsy Wilder, died Aug 13, 1810.
Whiting, John, Colonel of the 5th Reg of U.S. Infantry, died at the City of Washington, the 4th Sept. 1810 AE 50 yrs.
Wilder, Anthony, son of Samuel Wilder 2d, died Nov 20, 1810.
Wilder, Holman, son of Luke Wilder & Mary his wife, died Jan 20th, 1807.
Willard, Sarah, dau of Salmon & Rachel Willard, died Oct 26th, 1810.
Wilder, Martha, relict of the late Deacon David Wilder, died Nov the 6th, 1811, aged 94 yrs.
Willard, Dexter, son of Paul Willard & Martha his wife, died July 6th, 1810.
Worcester, Samuel, died April 16, 1812.
White, John, died June 8, 1812.
Wright, Sarah, died at the house of Dr. James Carter, Jan 21, 1813.
Wilder, Moses, died March 30, 1814.
Wilder, Aaron, died April 11, 1814.
Wilder, Betty, wife of Stephen Wilder, died July 14, 1814, aged 74 yrs.
Wilder, Polly, died at the house of Mr. Luke Wilder, the 18th day of August, 1814.
Wilder, Martha, wife of Samuel Wilder, died Nov 3, 1814, aged 70 years.
Whipple, Nathan, died at the house of Mr. John Wilder, the 21st of Dec., 1814.
Whipple, Abigail, relict of the late Nathan Whipple, died at the house of Mr. John Wilder, March 12th 1815.
Wilder, Sally, wife of John Wilder, died Nov 28th 1815.
Willard, Fanny, wife of Amasa Willard, died July 8, 1812.
Wilder, William, died the 20th day of March 1816 AE 62 yrs.
Willard, Merrick, died at the house of Mr. John Goodwin, April 2, 1816.
Warner, Asa, died Dec. 30, 1816.
Whiting, Julia, dau of the late John Whiting, Esq., died July 3, 1817.
Whitney, Lucy, relict of the late Jonathan Whitney, died Oct 11, 1817.
Willard, Charles, son of Benjamin & Sally Willard, died Sept 19, 1812.
Willard, Paul, Esq., died Aug 2d 1817.
Whiting, Mary Phelps, dau of Timothy & Lydia Whiting, died March 11, 1818.
Warner, Sally, dau of Nathaniel & Polly Warner, died March 24, 1818.
Wilder, Prescott, son of Mr. Jonathan Wilder, died July 1, 1818.
Wilder, Ephraim Rand, son of Luke Wilder, died Sept 12, 1818.
Wheeler, Amos Augustus, son of Amos Wheeler & Prudence, his wife, died May 16, 1818.
Willard, Lucia Miss, dau of the late Paul Willard, Esq., died Nov 14, 1818.
Ward, Dolly Mrs., wife of Samuel Ward, Esq., died Dec 31, 1818 aged 73 yrs.
Wilder, Oliver, son of Titus Wilder Jr. & Eunice his wife, died Feb 11, 1819.
Willard, Mary Conant, dau of Benjamin & Sally Willard, died March 16, 1818.
Willard, Lucy, wife of Mr. William Willard, died June 27th, 1819.
Whittemore, Mary Moors, dau of Nathaniel Whittemore Jr. & Polly his wife, died June 16, 1819.
Wilder, Sarah Mrs., relict of the late Mr. Levi Wilder, died Aug. 31, 1819 AE. 66 yrs.


Wilder, Otis, son of the late James Wilder, died at the house of Major Locke, Jan 23, 1820.
Worster, Mary, died Oct 14, 1815 dau of Samuel Worster.
Worster, Eliza, died June 20, 1818 dau of Samuel Worster.
Wilder, Stephen, died Oct 9th 1820.
Wares, Polly, died Nov 28, 1820.
Willard, John, died May 24th, 1821.
Whittemore, Nathaniel, died Jan 3, 1822.
Wilder, Sophia, wife of Mr. Elijah Wilder, died June 15, 1822.
Wales, Elizabeth, wife of Deacon Joseph Wales, died Aug 19, 1822.
Wilder, Manassah, died Nov 4, 1822.
Whitney, Reuben of Harvard, a Deputy Sheriff, died suddenly at the house of the Widow of George Phelps, the 14th of Feb 1823, aged 64 yrs.
Wheeler, Roxanna, dau of Amos & Prudence Wheeler, died April 30, 1822.
Wetherbee, Roxanna, wife of Salathiel Wetherbee, died March 10, 1823.
Whitney, Abigail H. Mrs., wife of Mr. Abel Whitney of Boston, died at the house of her father, Robert Townshend, Sept 24, 1823.
White, Lydia Mrs., relict of Capt John White, died Sept 26, 1823.
Wilder, Almira, wife of Elijah Wilder, died Feb 6, 1824.
Whiting, Newell, son of Paul Whiting, died Oct 16, 1824.
Wilder, Samuel, died Oct 22, 1824 aged 81 years.
Willard, Simon, died Jan 9, 1825, aged 97 years, 3 mos and 11 days.
White, Joseph C., son of Abel White was killed by a tree which fell on him, aged 15. No date.
Willard, Sarah, dau of Benjamin Willard & Sally his wife, died Aug 15, 1821.
Wilder, Lucene, wife of Ebenezer Wilder, died June 25, 1825.
Weld, William G. Capt. departed this life this 14th day of Sept., 1825.
Whiting, Timothy, Esq., a Revolutionary Officer, died Jan 13, 1826 aged 67.
Wilder, Horace, son of Jacob Wilder, died Jan 31, 1826.
Wilder, Fredrick, son of Jonathan Wilder, died at Northampton, Feb 5, 1826, aged 22 - a bright scholar, a graduate of Harvard College.
Whitwell, Samuel, died at the house of Major Jonathan Locke, March 12th 1826 AE. 27 yrs.
Wilder, Emily, dau of Elisha & Emily Wilder, died June 2d, 1825.
Ward, Samuel, Esq., died Aug 14th, 1826. Aged 87 yrs.
Wilder, Elijah, died Nov 9, 1826 aged 42 yrs. Wilder, Ruth wife of Jonathan Wilder, died Nov 19, 1826, aged 69 yrs.
Whitney, son of Shadrach Whitney, died Nov 21, 1826.
Wyman, Benjamin, Esq., died Dec 30, 1826.
Wilder, Samuel 2, died Nov 13, 1827, aged 81 years.
White, Lucy dau of Abel White, died June 1829.
Wilder, Emily Mrs., wife of Elisha Wilder, died Nov 5th 1830.
Wilson, Hannah Miss, died at the house of Dr. Goodrich, June 2, 1831.
Whittemore, Nathaniel, son of Nathaniel Whittemore, died Dec. 14th, 1831, aged 14.
Wilder, Calvin Mr., died April 5th, 1832 aged 60 years.
Wilder, Rebecca, dau of Mr. John Wilder, died April 25, 1832 aged 16 years.
Warner, Jane Mrs., widow of the late Mr. Asa Warner, died Sept 2, 1832.
Wilder, Titus Jr., died Dec 13, 1833 aged 55 yrs.
Whitney, Elijah, died at the house of the widow Stearns, Jan 5, 1834.
Warner, Nathan, died March 25, 1834.
Whittemore, Amelia, wife of Mr. Nathaniel Whittemore, died April 18, 1834.
Walton, George, died July 7, 1834 at the house of Mr. Davis Whitman.
Wyman, Martha Thayer, dau of the late Benjamin Wyman, Esq, died Sept 12th (13th, family record) 1834 aged 23 yrs.
Wilder, James Jr., died Dec 22nd 1834 aged 40 yrs.
Wilder, Lydia wife of Josephus Wilder, died at the house of her father, Joseph Maynard, Jan 23, 1835.


Worcester, Molly, died May 5, 1835 aged 88 years, of the South family of Shakers.
Wilder, Jonathan Mr., died Jan 13th 1835, aged 80 years, 8 mos & 23 days, a Revolutionary Pensioner.
White, Francis Jones, died Aug 18th 1836.
White, Sally Miss, died Jan 28th 1837 aged 66 years, 2 mos & 4 days.
Wilder, Joel, Deacon, died May 2d 1837 aged 70 years.
Wade, Charlotte Otis, dau of Snell Wade & Deborah R. Wade, died April 8, 1838 aged 3-l/2 years.
Wilder, Titus, a Revolutionary Pensioner, died April 10th, 1837.
Wilder, Tryphena, died March 3d 1838, aged 79 years.
Rugg, Prudence Miss, died March 16, aged 77 yrs.
Wilder, Maria S. Mrs., died Feb 9, 1839 aged 26 yrs.
Wellington, a dau of Thomas Wellington, died June 1, 1839 aged 5 years.
White, Amos, died Aug 14, 1839 aged 43 years.
Wyman, a son of Amos Wyman, died Oct 1, 1839 aged 1 year.
Willard, John Mr., died Nov 22, 1839.
Wood, Baxter Jr., died Dec 25, 1839 aged 48 years.
Willard, a dau of Capt. Salmon Willard died 1839.
Wilder, Daniel Mr., died May 28th 1840, aged 60 years.
Williams, a child of Mrs. Williams (Irish) died Feb 18, 1842 aged 1 year.
Wilder, Harriet E., an infant child of Charles L. Wilder, died July 31, 1841, aged 1 mo.
Wilder, Samuel B., son of the late Samuel Wilder of Sterling, died Aug 13, 1841 aged 15 years.
Wilder, Joseph Captain, died Aug 23, 1842 aged 55 years.
Whitney, Ephraim Mr., died Sept 6, 1842 aged 62 years.
Whitney, Samuel Mr., died April 12, 1843 aged 95 years.
Wilder, George Wait, son of Joel Wilder 2nd, died Nov 8, 1842 aged 13 years.
Wilder, Mary Mrs. widow of Titus Wilder, died July 12, 1843 aged 95 yrs, old age.
Wilder, Edward, son of Mr. Volney Wilder of Boston, died aged 11 mos., Aug. 25, 1843.
Wilder, Francis, son of Mr. Volney Wilder of Boston, died Aug 20, 1843, aged 11 mos.
Wilder, Mary Mrs., wife of Mr. Daniel Wilder, died Nov 24, 1842 aged 39, consumption.
Willard, Amasa Mr., died Nov 10, 1842, aged 70 yrs., cancer.
Wilson, Eliza Ann Mrs., wife of Colonel John Wilson, died July 14, 1842, consumption.
Whiting, Fabius Major, U.S. Army, died May 18, 1842 aged 50 years.
White, Samuel F., Deacon, died March 16, 1843, aged 50. Consumption.
Wilder, Sarah Mrs., died Jan 28, 1843 aged 86. Old age.
Wilder, George W., infant son of Charles J. Wilder, died March 10, 1843, aged 10 weeks.
Wilder, Sophia P., wife of Mr. Joel Wilder, died Feb 27, 1844 aged 64 years.
Wilder, Harriet Ellen, dau of Charles L. Wilder, died July 30, 1841.
Zwier, Abigail Mrs., wife of Jacob Zwier, died December, 1820.
Zwier, Reuben Jr., died July 1822.
Zwier, Ruben died October 1822.

The following is a Record of deaths which have happened among the People called Shakers, in their Village at Lancaster, handed in to the Town Clerks' office Feb 21, 1820, by their Elder, Mr. Brocklebank:

Warner, Prudence, widow, d. Nov 13, 1792.
Phillips, Ethan, d. Nov 19, 1792.
Dodge, Sarah, widow, d. Dec 23, 1792.
Kenney, Lydia, widow, d. Feb 29, 1794.
Lyon, Deborah, d. Sept 30, 1794.
Marble, Joseph, d. Oct 26, 1797.
Beckwith, Lucy, d. Dec 29, 1797.


Shaker Deaths, continued:

Proctor, Anna, d. Sept 30, 1798.
Woodward, Hannah, widow, d. Oct 1, 1798.
Pratt, Ebenezer, d. July 1, 1798.
Larrabee, Sarah, d. Sept. 14, 1803.
Wood, Sarah, widow, d. Mar 15, 1806.
Turner, Anna, d. Sept 7, 1806.
Woodward, Hannah, d. Mar 11, 1809.
Cook, Jonathan, d. Mar 11, 1809.
Druse, Betty, d. Mar 22, 1809.
Munroe, Mary, d. Dec 7, 1812.
Hayward, Louis, d. Mar 4, 1822.
McIntire, Peletiah, d. May 18, 1827.
Pratt, Phineas, d. July 18, 1828 aged 73 years.
Peirce, Eleanor, d. Nov 17, 1828 aged 88 yrs.
Howard or Hayward, Moses, d. March 26, 1829, aged 85 yrs.
Priest, Betty, d. Aug 16, 1830.
Osgood, Ebenezer, d. May 19, 1831.

Transcribed by Janice Farnsworth and submitted July and August, 2001



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