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SOURCE: "Putnam's Monthly Historical Magazine", May, 1892-April, 1893, Vol. I; Eben Putnam, Publisher and Editor, Salem.

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From the Archives of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

      [In each number we shall print lists of Revolutionary soldiers confining ourselves to no particular locality, but endeavoring to take first the muster-rolls of soldiers from such towns as have not a published history. The references are to the volumes in the office of the Secretary of State.]

Vol. XII, fol. 2. -- Muster roll of a company of minute men under the command of Oliver Colburn, Colonel Arnold's regiment.


BENJAMIN COLBURN, Lieutenant. Joseph BURNS, Ensign.

Philip Norcross.
Rogers Laphan.
Francis Fuller.
Dennis Jenkins.
Andrew Goodwin.
Thomas Agrey.
Ezra Cashing.
Samuel Norcross, Fifer.

Edmund Dorothy.
Timothy Droger.
Thos. Kaley.
David Larence.
Tim. Fitch.
Thos. Colburn.
David Agry.
Ezra Davis.
James McCausling.
Oliver Laphan.
Benj. Welch.
John Smith.
Joseph Parker.
Andrew McCausland.
David Berry.
Nathl' Berry.
Joseph Stackpole.
Wm. Philbrook.
Sam'l Damon.
Jeremiah Goodwin.
Thos. Foster.
Nath'l Bayley.
Caleb Loud.
Edw. Fuller.
Josiah Hall.
Nathan Hall.
Abner Stevens.
John Whiting.
Steward Forster.
Oliver Allen.

      All the above enlisted July 25, 1775, and all from "Gardner's Town" except the last six from Winthrop. Saw twenty days service.

      An abstract of the minute men belonging to the south company of Charlton under the command of Capt. Saml Curtis with each man's service from Apl. ye 19th, 1775. Camp at Roxbury, Dec. 26, 1775.
      Whole amount at the Province rate to a Capt. �6 per mouth; 23 days to ye month; Lient. �4; Ensign, �3-10; Sergeant, �2-8; Corporal, �2-4; Private �2 each.


JAMES LAMB, lst Lieutenant. JOHN NICHOLS, 2d Lieutenant.

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John Conborn.
Caleb Amadon.
Benj. Allton.
Wm. Polley.
John Dresser.
Richard Blood.
Elijah Larned.

John Edwards.
Nathl. McIntire.
John Stephens.
John Fits.
Danl. Needham.
Joshua Marble.[1]
Zebulon McIntire.
Natl. Blood.
Gershom Herwood.
Benj. Edwards.
David Dresser.
Richard Dresser.
Jona. Streeter.
Jos. Amadon.
Eliaklm Chamblin.
John McIntire, junr.
Abial Waters, surgeon's mate.
Benj. Albe.
Joseph Clemmons.
David Goodale.
Ebenr Furst, jr.
Caleb McIntire.
Jesse McIntire.
Clement Cowburn.
Nathan Taylor.
Isaiah Blood.
John Goodale.
Reuben Harwood.
James Town.
Wm. Stoddard.

      These men served from five to seventeen days, the great majority either fourteen or seventeen, and travelled 120 miles. --Folio 4.

      A muster roll of a company under command of Capt. Freedom Chamberlin in Colonel Bailey's regiment.


JNO. TURNER, Lieutenant.


Lott Ford.
Wm. Torrey.
Natl. Smith.
Ebenr. Barce.
Zaphit Crooker, Drummer.
Stephen Richardson.
Adn. Turner.
Lemuel Crooker.
James Cox.
Jacob Tracy, Fifer.

Amos Whittnell.
Abel Oldham.
Asaph Tracy.
Benj. Gulliam.
Benj. Darlln.
Chas. Bisbe.
Eliphalet Bishop.
Eben Whithrell.
Edw. Smith.
Ezeklel Garnett.
Eben Barker.
Fisher Hatch.
James McFarland.
Joshua Crooker.
Jesse Turner.
Job Turner.
Jonah Whithrell.
Jona. Crooker.
Jacob Tubbs.
Jno. Oldham.
Jos. Herney.
Isaiah Cushing.
Jno. Hicks.
Isaac Fish.
Nikels Baker.
Nathl. Randell.
Nathl. Fish.
Roland Crooker.
Reuben Macferland.
Seth Randell.
Spencer Bates.
Samuel Tubbs.
Thomas Tracy.
Wm. Cushing.
Zachariah Fish.
Daniel Oldham

all of Pombrook. Marched 19 Apr., 1775, forty miles. Two weeks' service except in a few cases. --Folio 6.

      A roll of men under command of Mr. Stephen Churchill who marched to Marshfield on the 20 April, 1775, from Plymouth.

[1] Perhaps Marlb,

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Stephen Churchill.
Jno. Harlow.
James Doty.
David Turner,
Thos. Torrey.
John Foster.
Saml. Balch.
Amah. Churchill.
Elhn. Churchlll.
Corban Barns.
Isaac Barnes.
Jacob ____
Jno. Sampson.
Wilson Churchill.
Nathl. Rider.
Thos. Cushman.
Isaac Harlow.
Benj. Barns, junr.
Ebenr. Harlow.
George Morton.
George Lemote.
Josiah Drew.
Zeph. Harlow.
Nathl. Reply.

      Made at Plymouth, 6 Feb., 1776. --Folio 7.

      A muster roll of the company with colony service which marched from Wrentham on the alarm on the 19 Apr., 1775. Command of Capt. Samuel Cowell, in Col. John Smith's regiment.

SAML. COWELL, Captain.

Lewis WHITING, 1st Lieutenant.

Thos. George.
Ezra Ware.
Natl. Ware.
JOHN HALL, 2d Lieutenant.

Ezra Blake Corporal.
Robert Haws, Drummer.
Jona. Frances, Fifer.

Richard Fisher.
Elisha Farrington.
Timothy Wight.
Jacob Shepard.
John George.
John Belcher.
Joseph Wellmon.
Edward White.
Zaccariah Read.
Agabus Bishup.
Robert Ware.
Samuel Bates.
Joseph Shepard.
John Shepard.
Ephraim Shepard.
Eleazer Blake.
Samuel Gerould.
John Robbins.
Saml. Brlntnal.
Zebedee Haze.
Seth Grover.
James Stratton.
James Wetheral.
Abel Wetheral.
Jeremiah Haws.
Stephen Perry.
Asa Hancock.
Timothy Ware.
Samuel Foster.
David Darling.
Grant Knowlton.
Levi Peck.
Thos. Alexander.
Thos. Tolmon.
John Stork, junr.
Comfort Robbins.
Ebenr. Robbins.

      Three to eleven days service; great majority eleven. --Folio 10.

      A muster roll of the company of minute men that marched from Springfield for the defence of the United Colonies under command of Maj. Andrew Cotton, Apr. 20, 1775.


Solo. Brewer, Clerk or Sergeant.
Jno. Cotton, Sergt.
Thos. Bates, "
Matthew Keef, Corporal.
Benj. Cotton, junr., Drummer.

Abijah Edson.
Jno. Burt, Jr.
Jacob Kellogg.
Moses Harris.
Joseph Kellogg.
Robt Stevens.
Jacob Chapin.
Oliver Field.
Eleazer Chapin, jr.
Medad Stebbins.
Jonah Cooley.
Simon More
Thomas Hale, Jr.
Seth Storer Coburn.

April 20 to May 19, 1775. --Folio 17.

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