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Captain Jeremiah Kingsbury
Colonel Jonathan Holman's Regiment
Massachusetts Fifth, or the Sutton regiment
January 20, 1777

In the War of the Revolution, Captain Jeremiah Kingsbury's company from Oxford was included in Colonel Jonathan Holman's regiment, Massachusetts Fifth, or the Sutton regiment.

Capt. Jeremiah Kingsbury's company, Col. Jonathan Holman's regiment, Providence, January 20, 1777, roll:

Jeremiah Kingsbury, Captain
Silas Town, Lieutenant

Jonas Pratt
Levi Davis
Jonas Eddy
Allen Hancock
William Hudson
John Pratt
Amos Shumway
Ebenezer Shumway
Zaccheus Ballard
John Rawson
Joseph Kingsbury
John Allen
John Larned
Josiah Shumway
Curtis Dixon
Sampson Marvin
John White
Amos Wakefield
Thomas Wolcott
Jesse Gleason
Nathan Pratt
Reuben Eddy
Jonathan Coolidge
Elisha Town
Sylvanus Learned
Jesse Pratt
Jesse Merriam
Samuel Stone
Joseph Sparhawk
Aaron Parker
Jonathan Merriam
Jonas Davis
Benjamin Hovey
William Lamb

Time in camp, forty-three days.

A detachment of this company was again in service when the "Militia" marched to reinforce Gen. Gates' army.

SOURCE: Records of Oxford, Mass. Mary de Witt Freeland. Albany, NY: Joel Munsell's Sons, 1894. Page 382.

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