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Col. Jonathan Holman's Sutton Regiment

The list of men here given has been obtained from the office for the payment of pensions to Revolutionary soldiers and from the recollection of the aged inhabitants of the town:

Brig.-Gen. Ebenezer Learned, Capt. William Moore, Capt. at Cambridge. Soon following the evacuation of Boston they marched with him first to Rhode Island, where they were stationed some two or three months, from thence proceeding to Long Island, where they were in an engagement with the enemy; thence up the Hudson river to White Plains, where the American army had a severe battle, in which this same Sutton regiment bore a distinguished part.

"After the battle of White Plains the Sutton regiment, under Col. Holman, was ordered to Bennington, Vermont, where it remained several months to guard the country against Gen. Burgoyne's army. After the famous battle of Bennington, the regiment of Col. Holman was next ordered to join the army of Gen. Gates near Saratoga. In the battle that ensued, Col. Holman's regiment was actively engaged, and that they acquitted themselves bravely may be justly inferred from the fact that after the battle this regiment was designated "to take possession of Fort Edward, and to hold it, until the dispersion of Burgoyne's army, which they did."

John Nichols, Lieut. Benjamin Vassall, Lieut. Ebenezer Humphrey, Lieut. Jacob Town, Jason Collier, David Lamb, Frost Rockwood, Ebenezer Pray, William Simpson, George Alverson, Caleb Barton, John Learned, David Town, Allen Hancock, Peter Shumway, Abijah Kingsbury, Joseph Hurd, James Merriam, Elisha Blandin, Francis Blandin, Jonas Blandin, Sylvanus Learned, Arthur Daggett, Elisha Ward, David Stone, Ebenezer Robbins, (???) Sewall, Sylvester Town, Levi Davis, Elijah Learned, Richard Coburn, Jacob Learned, Silas Eddy, Solomon Cook, Elijah Kingsbury, Ezekiel Collier.

SOURCE: Records of Oxford, Mass. Mary de Witt Freeland. Albany, NY: Joel Munsell's Sons, 1894, pages 384-385.

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Colonel Jonathan Holman's Sutton Regiment
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