SUBJECT: Vital Statistics (Marriages & Deaths) 1847
SOURCE: Historical and Genealogical Registers, New England Historic Genealogical Society, Boston, Samuel G. Drake, Publisher, 1847 Vol - 1 - 50 - (publication Oct 1847 pg 380-382)

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A??er, Rev. William Rounceville pastor of Mount Pleasant Congregational Church, Roxbury, to Anne Langdon, daughter of Mr. Giles Lodge, Boston. (an ink blot marrs the name A??er)

Bronson, Rev. S.J., of Milbury to Mary L., daughter of the late Rev. Dr. Chaplin, Hamilton, N.Y., July 14

Cushing, Rev. Christopher, Scituate, to Mary Frances, daughter of William Choate, Esq., Derry, N.H.

Elton, Rev. Romeo, D.D., late Professor in Brown University, to Miss Prothesia S. Goss of London, Paris, April 30.

Headley, John C., Esq., Lancaster to Charlotte S., daughter of Rev. Daniel Kimball, Needbam, Aug. 25.

Henderson, John, Jr., Esq., St. Louis, MO., to Catharine, daughter of Hon. Sherman Leland, Roxbury, June 30.

Melville, Herman, Esq., New York, to Elisabeth K., daughter of Chief-Justice Shaw, Boston, Aug. 4

Millett, Rev. Daniel C., New York, to Lucy Maria Holbrook, Boston, Aug. 24. Oct 1847

Milne, George, Esq., Cincinnati, O., to Helen E., eldest daughter of Hon. George Grennel, Greenfield, Sept. 6

Palmer, Edward Dorr Griffin, M.D., Boston to Cecilia Louisa Gale, Somerville, Sept. 6.

Porter, Rev. Charles S., Plymouth to Louise daughter of Col. Samuel Adams, Derry, N.H., July 7.

Sargent, L.M., Jr., Esq, to Letitia, daughter of Jonathan Amory, Esq., Roxbury, Sept. 22.

Taylor, Rev. Townsend E., Lagrange, N.Y., seaman's Chaplain for the Port of Labuina, Sandwich Islands to Persis Goodale, Brookline, N.Y. daughter of Rev. Asa Thurston of the Sandwich Island Mission, who was a native of Fitchburg, Mass., Aug. 12.

Tuckerman, Dr. Francis J., U.S.N., to Lucy S. daughter of the late Hon. Leverett Saltonstall, Salem, June 30.



Andrews, David A., Esq. Hingham, Sept 1, 90

Brewster, Mr. Seabury, Norwich, Ct., July 29, 92 Mr. Brewster was a descendant of the venerable Elder William Brewster one of that memorable band, who came to Plymouth in the Mayflower in 1620.

Bryant, Mrs. Sarah, Princeton, Ill., May 6, widow of the late Dr. Peter Bryant of Cummington, Ms., sister of the Rev. Dr. Snell of Brookfield, and mother of William Cullen Bryant, the poet.

Butrick, Mrs. Elisabeth, Dwight Mission, Cherokee Nation, Aug. 3. 61. She was the wife of Rev. S.D. Butrick, and a native of Ipswich, Ms.(ma)

Channing, Lucy Bradstreet, Milton, Aug. 2, 24. She was a daughter of Walter Channing, M.D., of Boston.

Collamore, Dr. Anthony, Pembroke, Sept 21. H.C. 1806

Condit, Rev. Joseph D., South Hadley, Sept. 19, 43, Pastor of the Congregational Church. C.N.J. 1826.

Durfee, Hon. Job, Tiverton, R.I., 57, Chief-Justice of the Supreme Court of Rhode Island. B.U. 1813

Fiske, Rev. Nathan Welby, Jerusalem, Palestine, May 27. D.C. 1817. Professor of Intellectual and Moral Philosphy in Amherst College

Gilbert, Mrs. Sarah, Boston, Sept 20, 79, wife of Hon. Benjamin J. Gilbert, who formerly resided in Hanover, N.H.

Groves,Miss. Elisabeth, Boston, Sept. 21. Matron of the House of Reformation.

Hale, Dr. Ebenezer, Jr., Newbury, Aug. 2, 38, late of this city. M.D. at D.C.

Haven, Hon. Samuel, Roxbury, Sept. 1, 76. Judge Haven formerly resided in Dedham, and was Judge of the Court of Common Pleas and Register of Probate. He was the son of Rev. Jason Haven, and a maternal grandson of Rev. Samuel Dexter, both of Dedham. H.C. 1789.

Ide, Nathaniel Emmons, Boston, 26, son of rev. Dr. Ide of Medway, and grandson of Rev. Dr. Emmons of Franklin.

Jackson, Patrick T., Esq., Boston, Sept. 12, 67, a brother of Dr. James Jackson and Hon. Charles Jackson, Boston.

Kittredge, Dr. Joseph, Andover, Sept. 13, 64. He was the son of Dr. Thomas Kittredge of that place. D.C. 1806.

Knapp, Rev., Isaac, Westfield, July 6, 72, fifth Pastor of the Congregational church in that town. W.C. 1800.

Leland, Dea. Micah, Sherburne, Sept. 12, 68

Parris, Hon. Samuel, Washington, D.C., at the residence of his son the Hon. Albion K. Parris, Sept. 10, 92. He was a native of Pembroke, Ms., and an officer in the Revolutionary War. He settled in Hebron, Me, and was a Judge of the Court of Common Pleas and an Elector of President and Vice President of the United States

Perry, Mrs. Elisabeth A., Somerville, Aug. 3, 31, wife of Lieut. Oliver H. Perry. U.S.N. and was the daughter of Hon. R.K. Randolph of Newport, R.I.

Phelps, Rev. Amos A., Roxbury, July 30, 43 Y.C. 1826. He had been settled in Boston as a clergyman, and had been employed in various ways as an Agent in behalf of the anti slavery cause.

Rice, Rev. Benjamin, Winchendon, July 12, 63 B.U. 1808

Sprague, Hon. Seth, Senior, Duxbury, July 9, father of Judge Sprague of this city.

Story, Mrs. Mehetabel, Boston, Aug. 9, 89, widow of the late Dr. Elisha Story of Marblehead, and mother of the late Judge Story of Cambridge.

Taylor, Rev. Samuel A., Worcester, Aug. 31, 29.

Warren, Isaac, merchant, Framingham, June 26, 72. He was born in Medford and lived 50 years in F.

Winship, Capt. Jonathan, Brighton, Aug. 6, 67, (?) proprietor of the well known flower gardens, and a man of great skill and taste as a horticulturist.

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